Explore your Favourite Destination Cape Woolamai

Cape Woolamai is a town and headland at the south eastern tip of Phillip-Island (Phillip Island! That’s a fantastic choice for a destination) in Victoria, Australia. It is home to Cape Woolamai State Faunal Reserve and the Phillip Island Airport. Its prominent headland and This beach are located at the southeastern tip of Phillip-Island in Victoria. In this article, we can explore the location of Phillip Island in Victoria in detail and find the best sightings around the place.


Discover Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island’s highest point and one of Victoria’s most popular surfing beaches.

It’s mainly known for:

The Pinnacles, spectacular coastal scenery and one of Victoria’s best surf breaks. The Cape Woolamai Circuit Walk, a cliff-top walk with stunning views of the island and the Pinnacles and the largest colony of Short-tailed Shearwaters on Phillip Island.

Location on google map: Here is the map location for cape woolamai.  The distance from city center is around 1 hr 37 min (130.3 km).

Cape woolamai Distance



Photos of the location:

Here you can find the current photos of the sights and beautiful beach and wavy ocean.

Geography and Location:


Cape Woolamai is situated on Phillip Island, which is known for its natural beauty and wildlife. The cape is the largest and highest point on the island, offering stunning panoramic views of the surrounding areas. While the surf can be powerful, there are areas suitable for swimming. However, it’s essential to be cautious and aware of the surf conditions.

The Beach:


Cape Woolamai is renowned for its long and pristine sandy beach, stretching along the coastline. The beach is popular for various water activities, including swimming, surfing, and beachcombing. The beach and surrounding areas are home to diverse wildlife, including seabirds and marine life. Keep an eye out for the short-tailed shearwater, which nests in the region.



Surfing at Cape Woolamai


Cape Woolamai’s beach is known for its reliable and often powerful waves, making it suitable for surfers seeking challenging conditions. The Pinnacles, located at the southern end of Cape Woolamai, is a well-known surf break with quality waves. It can handle larger swells and is popular among experienced surfers.  The area is well-known among surfers for its consistent and often challenging waves. There are different surf breaks suitable for various skill levels.

Are there any Walking Tracks


Yes, Cape Woolamai offers several walking tracks that allow visitors to explore the stunning coastal landscapes and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. One of the most popular walking tracks is the Cape Woolamai Coastal Walk. This is the primary walking track at Cape Woolamai and provides spectacular views of the coastline. Cape Woolamai has a network of walking tracks that allow visitors to explore the area and enjoy its natural beauty. The Cape Woolamai Coastal Walk is a popular trail that takes you along the cliff tops, providing breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding landscapes.


Wildlife at Cape Woolamai


The region is home to diverse wildlife, including seabirds, and is an important nesting site for the short-tailed shearwater. Visitors might spot other wildlife such as wallabies and various bird species.

Pinnacles of Cape Woolamai


Surf breaks, such as the Pinnacles, attract surfers of various skill levels, and the conditions are suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers. The Pinnacles are towering rock formations at Cape Woolamai, formed from eroded sandstone. They are a distinctive feature of the landscape and are best viewed from the walking tracks.


The cape is easily accessible by road, and there are parking facilities available for visitors. When visiting Cape Woolamai, it’s essential to respect the natural environment, adhere to any signage or guidelines, and enjoy the area’s beauty responsibly. Whether you’re interested in outdoor activities, wildlife, or simply soaking in the coastal scenery, Cape Woolamai has much to offer.