Discover Kilcunda’s Gem: The Kilcunda General Store and Cafe.

Explore Kilcunda’s favourite hangout – the Kilcunda General Store and Cafe. Dive into local flavors, history, and find out how it complements the famed Udder and Hoe!

Nestled in the heart of the coastal town of Kilcunda lies not one, but two local treasures – the Kilcunda General Store and Cafe and the famed Udder and Hoe. As a leading property manager in Kilcunda, we at Beach Getaways are excited to spotlight these pillars of the community that bring both locals and tourists together.

Local Flavours, Fresh Produce, and Organic Delights
Adjacent to the rustic charm of the Kilcunda General Store is the cafe, loved by many for its freshly sourced dishes. Complementing this local flavour is Udder and Hoe, known for its commitment to organic produce and eco-friendly products. Together, they form a haven for food lovers, offering everything from a piping hot breakfast to organic treats and freshly brewed coffee.

Conveniently Located within walking distance from Killy Views, Colours By The Sea, Your Ocean Oasis and a more scenic walk from Killarney.
With their prime location near Kilcunda’s top attractions, both the General Store/Cafe and Udder and Hoe are essential stops on any visitor’s itinerary. Discover, dine, and shop as you immerse yourself in the very essence of Kilcunda.

Supporting the Community
Supporting these local businesses means you’re not only indulging in the best Kilcunda has to offer but also bolstering the community that has nurtured these establishments.

Kilcunda’s charm is amplified by the presence of its community-driven businesses like the Kilcunda General Store and Cafe, and Udder and Hoe. On your next beach getaway, ensure these locales are on your list to experience the authentic vibe of Kilcunda.