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Transform Your Holiday Accommodation into a Profitable Getaway

Transform Your Holiday Accommodation into a Profitable Getaway Are you an owner of a holiday accommodation that's been sitting idle and under utilised? Do you dream of transforming your property into a thriving, revenue-generating space? You’re just one step away from realising that dream, and we’re here to help you make it happen.
Open-concept dining and living area with elegant white decor and sweeping ocean views at Killy Views
Spacious beach-themed bedroom with ocean-inspired decor and modern amenities at Killy Views Beach House.

Welcome to Beach Getaways Victoria, an industry-leading holiday accommodation consulting service, where we bridge the gap between potential and reality for holiday home owners like you.


We specialise in transforming holiday accommodations into vacation rentals that guests fall in love with. We leverage our deep understanding of the vacation rental market to help you set competitive prices, optimise your online presence, and provide a five-star guest experience.

It's time to stop leaving money on the table. Start reaping the financial benefits of your property today

Let's make your holiday accommodation work for you. Transforming your holiday home into a profitable rental has never been easier. Take the leap, and let's turn your holiday home into a thriving holiday getaway!